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J.G. HOOVER (CREATOR) has worked in creative development in entertainment for over 10 years, developing a knack for spotting unique material best suited for the marketplace. Known for his creative expertise in plot and character, he has been commissioned as a consultant for numerous projects in development. He is currently working for Pace Pictures and Vantage TV as a Director, Producer, and Post Supervisor.
JESSICA PLUMMER (ANIMATOR) is an animator and art director.  She has created final work for: General Mills, Hasbro’s My Little Pony, and Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer. She’s been animating since she was 13, after falling in love with Miyazaki's film Princess Mononoke. It's been a whirlwind trip ever since. Her specialties include Traditional drawn animation, 2D digital animation, animation art, design, story, team management, sculpting and stop-motion animation.
MARK LIRA (VOICE ACTOR)  has been a musician and vocalist for over 25 years and has been in the voice over business since 2007. The bands he has been involved include Thinking Aloud, Dumb Love, Hello Operator (A Tribute to The White Stripes) and Debaser ( A Tribute to The Pixies). His voice has been used for commercials that include Frosted Flakes, Samsung Galaxy, Discovery Channel and Lays Potato Chips.
J.P. Bendzinski (Sound Designer)
J.P. BENDZINSKI (SOUND DESIGNER) is a Producer, Multi-Intsrumentalist & Studio/Live Recording Engineer originally from Seattle, WA, now living in Long Beach, CA. After studying Commercial Recording & Music at LBCC he went on to work with the late grammy winning producer/keyboardist Isaiah "Ikey" Owens, engineering many of the records Ikey produced. Now most of his recording work takes place at JazzCats Studio in Long Beach or from his home recording space. He can currently be found touring around the world with one of the many bands he performs with and contributes to.
JASON KEAM (ANIMATOR) is an illustrator & animator with a background in Storyboarding, Animation, & Visual effects at Otis College of Art & Design. His work is very playful, vibrant and lives in many places from Canvas to Print and Film. Everything starts with a story and doodle. Keam has approached concepts from overcoming depression to sports commentary using the moniker Mono y Mono. Most recently, the artist created a PSA to encourage Long Beach residents to sign up for the city’s new alert system, AlertLongBeach.
BEN CAHN (VOICE ACTOR) has the ability to offend his Vine followers in six seconds or less with his wicked sense of humor. As the associate creative director at BuzzFeed, Ben has nearly 700k Vine followers and is known for remixing other Viners’ work and poking fun at them, too. His jokes often jab at lighter comedic fare, like his “Relatable Moment" vines that make fun of commonplace humor and turn it on its end. His vines critique the mundane things we all celebrate (recycling) and spoil the fun of popular movies by simplifying the story into one telling soundbite. He has been nominated for Best Vine Comedian at the Shorty Awards.
JONNY BELL (THEME / SCORE) is the lead singer and bassist for the Crystal Antlers, a Long Beach band, whose debut EP was produced by the late Ikey Owens (Mars Volta, Jack White). Their latest album,Nothing Is Real, was released on the boutique Los Angeles label Innovative Leisure. Alongside Sublime, they were recently included in LA Weekly’s All Time 10 Best Bands From Long Beach.
Dennis Rinker (Storyboards)
Adam Montgomery
(Voice Actor)
Ingrid Marie-Berg Gonzalez
(Voice Actor)
Fred Gallegos
Dennis Robicheau
(Voice Actor)
Rebecca Hinderer
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Katlyn Rae
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